Soros Foundation Moldova (FSM)

Buna Guvernare

Misiunea Departamentului este să sporească transparența, responsabilitatea, eficiența autorităților publice.

Justiție și Drepturile Omului


Viziunea departamentului: un sistem de justiție echitabil, accesibil și predictibil, care garantează respectarea și protecția efectivă a drepturilor fundamentale ale omului.


Sănătate publică

Misiunea departamentului este să promoveze buna guvernare în sectorul sănătății, să contribuie la sporirea accesului echitabil al populației la servicii de sănătate șI sociale care răspund nevoilor acestora, și să promoveze acțiuni responsabile pentru protecția mediului.


Misiunea departamentului: consolidarea societății deschise, participatorii și pluraliste, bazată pe valorile democratice, prin implementarea în activitatea instituțiilor mass-media din Republica Moldova a standardelor democratice de libertate și independență editorială, diversitate și pluralism, pentru susținerea democrației și consolidarea vectorului european de dezvoltare.

Alte inițiative

Proiecte implementate pe parcursul anului 2018

Executive Director Soros Foundation-Moldova

The Soros Foundation-Moldova (SFM) is a part of the worldwide network of the Open Society Foundations. Founded in 1992, its mission is to foster an open, participatory, pluralist society based on democratic values in Moldova.  SFM is one of eight national foundations within Open Society Foundations’ network based within the Eurasia Region.  The organization is governed by its own Board and works in a spirit of reciprocal collaboration with the global Open Society Foundations network.  SFM provides financial and expert support to Moldovan civil society organizations that work to improve the quality of public policy, address corruption, prevent backsliding of democratic reforms, advance rights of vulnerable populations, improve public health, promote a rich cultural environment and facilitate access to justice.  The work of SFM currently focuses on four key themes in support of these values: Media, Justice and Human Rights, Public Health and Good Governance. The deep expertise within the SFM on these core themes positions the organization to also work in close collaboration with multi-lateral donors on the implementation of projects in these areas. 


Job Profile


Specific responsibilities of the Executive Director include but are not limited to:


  • providing leadership in identifying, planning, and implementing SFM’s strategic priorities and maintaining excellent communications and working relationships between the Board and staff;
  • building and maintaining strong relationships with leaders of civil society, government agencies, international actors, and other donors for advancing the open society values and agenda;
  • supervising the process of developing and aligning program initiatives, budgets, communications, and relevant staffing to ensure successful implementation of the strategy;
  • serving as the key spokesperson for Soros Foundation-Moldova and representing the foundation in external relations;
  • ensuring that SFM remains financially robust and develops its financial transparency, compliance, and accountability;  
  • direct management of an experienced senior leadership team, comprised of the thematic leads and operational heads of department;
  • ensuring that SFM’s operation is based on respect for principles of equity, inclusion and diversity;
  • identifies and forges opportunities for collaboration with counterparts across the OSF network and informs the network of emerging trends and country developments in Moldova
  • providing an enabling environment for merit-based staff advancement and leadership development.


Candidate Profile


The successful candidate will have a track record of commitment to human rights and deep knowledge of Moldova’s civil society and political context. She/he will be a passionate and vigilant defender of open society values and principles and promote non-discriminatory, respectful and fair dealings inside and outside the organization.  She/he will possess understanding of, and interest in, human rights and social justice issues and trends across the region and the capacity to use this understanding to inform SFM’s work and engagement.  Integrity, professionalism and instinctive reliance on the highest moral and fiduciary standards are indispensable in this role in both personal relationships and institutional governance. 


The successful candidate will:


  • demonstrate strong leadership skills, proven by experience as a successful leader in other organizations and/or situations with diplomatic and problem-solving skills;
  • have an advanced degree and at least 10 years work experience in a non-profit foundation, association of NGOs and/or a nationwide NGO,  think tank, academia, public administration, media, or other areas requiring strong leadership, management, and communications; including at least five years of managerial and supervisory experience at senior level in a complex institution;
  • earn and keep the respect of staff through sound and fair judgment, reliability, concern for their well-being, and high standards regarding conduct of work and behavior in the workplace;
  • show strong organizational and management skills with a strong a grasp of budgeting techniques and analysis, planning ability, personnel management and supervisory skills, and excellent time management;
  • engage in confident and inspiring public communication, whether through media outreach or one-to-one encounters;
  • be knowledgeable and experienced in implementing effective and instructive monitoring and evaluation tools;
  • be knowledgeable and experienced in the legal dimensions of non-profit organizations and comfortable implementing complex, rule-based systems;
  • be proficient in office software (email, spreadsheets and word processing) and able to learn and grasp other management software used internally;
  • have strong fundraising experience with the ability to engage and inspire a wide range of stakeholders;
  • travel extensively as part of the routine of the job managing their responsibilities remotely when necessary;  
  • be fluent in Romanian and English. Knowledge of an additional language, particularly Russian, is a plus.


To apply please submit a resume and cover letter; including the names and contact information of three references.  The closing date for applications is Monday 14th May, please use the following link to submit your application:

We are strengthened by the diversity of our colleagues across the Open Society Foundations. We welcome applications from people of all cultures, backgrounds, and experiences, and are committed to providing reasonable accommodations so that colleagues with disabilities are able to fulfill the essential functions of the job.