Soros Foundation Moldova (FSM)

Anticorruption & Economic Justice

 The Good Governance Department will support initiatives which will counter corruption in the business sector, will promote transparency and efficiency of state property management, and will increase efficiency of public property management, specifically in the field of natural resources and state-owned companies (SoE).

The foundation will launch an open call for proposals to mobilize business communities to counter corruption. The projects should be focused on:

  • supporting the network of „corruption-free” businesses and/or Zero Zone community members
  • increasing public awareness regarding the negative effects of this phenomena
  • providing legal support to Small and Medium Enterprises
  • strategic litigation
  • identifying and reporting ill practices of state authorities against business communities, etc.

The impact of the government on economy is high as state-owned companies generate 1/3 of the GDP and 25% of jobs. Despite its strategic importance for the economy, the SoEs sector is characterized by severe inefficiency, considerable losses, debt, and poor quality of services, low productivity, and inadequate governance, a fact confirmed by independent assessments of the World Bank in Moldova. The foundation will support civil society organizations to work together with SoEs to improve corporate governance. The project might be focused, but not limited to capacity building, monitoring and/or advocacy activities.

During 2019-2020, at the initiative and with the foundation’s financial support, Expert-Grup carried out an innovative initiative aimed at increasing the transparency of the extractive industry sector. Experts assessed the transparency of extractive industry sector of the Republic of Moldova, analyzed the institutional framework, identified the main problems, analyzed public revenues and expenditures, and most importantly, the sustainability of mineral resources. The study also contains practical recommendations for public authorities to improve the existing situation.

In 2021, the foundation will continue to support civil society’s effort to mobilize stakeholders and to increase transparency in the sector of mineral resources of the Republic of Moldova. The projects will offer support in conducting information/awareness campaigns, monitoring and advocacy activities.

In addition, the Good Governance Department will initiate a cooperation with the Assets Recovery Agency, a specialized autonomous subdivision under the National Anticorruption Center. The foundation will conduct a needs assessment to identify the main challenges and develop a clear Roadmap to overcome them.