Soros Foundation Moldova (FSM)

Good Governance

Cultural Policy

The mission of the Cultural Policies program at Soros Foundation Moldova is to contribute to the development of an open, participatory, pluralistic society based on values of democracy. In order to achieve its goals, the program organizes, facilitates, supports and finances activities intended to strengthen the cultural sector and cultural policies in Republic of Moldova.


The Program promotes legal reforms based on human rights, legal accountability, social inclusion and good governance. The Program is focused on three intervention areas, essential for the development of an open society and the rule of law:

East East Beyond Borders Program

In attention of the Soros Foundation-Moldova's partners and beneficiaries:

Equality and Civic Engagement

Mission: establish and strengthen mechanisms for promoting equality and non-discrimination in partnership with civil society.


Public Health

The Public Health Program’s mission is to advance health and human rights of marginalized persons through building the capacity of civil society leaders and strong involvement of NGOs in health policy development.

Media Program

The program’s general objective is to contribute to the creation of a free, independent, pluralist and unbiased media in Moldova, modernization and professionalization of the media sector through supporting reforms in the media sector, promotion of democratic principles, adjusting the national legal framework to international standards, monitoring processes in the media sector and analyzing media status and its trends.

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