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Moldova Education Reform Project

Moldova Education Reform Project (hereinafter Education Project) has been initiated since April 2014 from resources provided by the Education Support Program (ESP) of the Open Society Foundations (OSF), being focused on two main directions: a/ providing in 2014-2015 to Moldovan authorities a technical support to enhance their efforts towards implementation of the reform agenda in education, and b/ strengthening the civil society’s efforts during 2014-2017 in engaging them in meaningful education reforms and encouraging stakeholders to contribute developing efficient education policies. Since 2017, the Education Project became an integral part of the Good Governance Program, being financially supported by the Soros Foundation-Moldova and ESP. 

The Project will continue monitoring the implementation of the education reforms, ensuring transparency in education and contributing to raising public awareness concerning the need for supporting the reforming agenda. The civil society’s engaging effort and the inclusive participation in democratic governance will be attained through supporting the education NGOs and greater expert community involvement in development of relevant education policies, increasing the public responsibility of educational institutions as well as of various social actors.

In 2018, the activities developed within the Education Project will focus on the following priorities:

1. Communities’ Involvement to Enhance Access to Quality Education:

  • Providing further support for the second year of implementation of initiatives developed by local NGOs in partnership with the Parents’ Associations.
  • Providing further support for the second year of implementation of the initiative Strengthening School Communities: Increased Role of Parents and Communities in Education Governance, developed by the partner-organization – Institute of Public Policy of Moldova.

2. Empowering Education Policy Expert Community:

  • Publishing a book that will include the education policy studies developed over 2017 by the authors - beneficiaries of the research projects scholarships. More details here.
  • Holding periodically meetings with participation of various educational actors, brought together based on a discussion platform that comprises local and foreign experts in education to address the last evolutions in the field. The information about events and when it will take place will be announced accordingly on the Foundation’s page.

3. Implementation of a new project Empowering School Youths for an Active Participation in Decision-making, supported financially by the Soros Foundation-Moldova, ESP and Youth Exchange of the OSFs, to be implemented together with the partner-organizations: DACIA Youth Resource Center from Soroca and CONTACT-Cahul Regional Assistance and Information Center. More details here.

Contact person: Ana Coretchi, Education Project Director -