Soros Foundation Moldova (FSM)

Justice and Human Rights

Legal Empowerment of Vulnerable Groups

From 2016 to 2019, the Justice and Human Rights Department is part of a new initiative launched by the Open Society Foundations - Shared Framework on Legal Empowerment in Moldova. Through this program, the Open Society Foundations aims at intensifying efforts to institute, promote, and extend primary legal aid services, as well as to capacitate the population, through legal knowledge and abilities, in order to make these services available to the most vulnerable and marginalized social groups. At both national and international scales, the partnership is an intervention against the impoverishment and marginalization of vulnerable social groups.

The Shared Framework on Legal Empowerment under simultaneous implementation in eleven countries, namely South Africa, Indonesia, Kenya, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Ukraine, and the United States of America.

The Soros Foundation-Moldova has set out to develop, institute and implement legal empowerment policies and practices, which cater to the legal needs of impoverished and marginalized social groups, including those of vulnerable youth, by scaling-up community-based legal aid.

The Department will support a working group to adjust and advance new legal framework for the institutionalization of paralegals, support the Paralegals’ National Public Association to develop its management, fundraising and advocacy capacities and provide grants for the development and advancement of IT tools for legal empowerment.

To that end, the Foundation will work in close cooperation with the National Legal Aid Council, The Bar, and Ministry of Justice as well as with other relevant national authorities.