Soros Foundation Moldova (FSM)



Brief description

The project „Tandem“, which was developed by the European Cultural Foundation and MitOst and is carried out together with Centre for Cultural Management Lviv, Soros Foundation-Moldova and Culture Action Europe, is aimed at building new and long-term collaborative relations between select organizations from European Union countries and cultural key players from Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. Selected institutions will send one cultural manager each, who will form a tandem with a partner from the Republic of Moldova. Each tandem has the task to plan a joint entry to the concluding festival. Mutual fourteen-day working visits to partner organizations offer participants the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the environment and cultural practice of organizations in the partner country and get an insight into the cultural scene of the tandem partner’s city, region and country. The working visits will be completed by joint workshops and evaluation meetings attended by all project participants, creating an opportunity for exchange with other people, in addition to the tandems. The project will end with a festival each in the Republic of Moldova in May 2012.

General Project Objectives:

  • To enhance awareness and understanding of creative values already shared across the EU, Ukrainian and Moldova while simultaneously promoting innovation of artistic expressions through a fruitful combination of local cultural particularities on trans-national cooperation levels.

  • To increase and consolidate the number of tangible, influential and long-lasting direct artistic cooperation links between pioneering cultural organizations from across the EU countries on one hand and Moldova and Ukraine on the other.

  • To mutually increase readiness, flexibility and capacities of cultural organizations in the EU, Moldova and Ukraine required for engaging in productive trans-national cooperation projects on pan-European level which ultimately result in new creative long-term partnership on equal footing.

  • To break prevailing stereotypical images and negative/inaccurate socio-cultural labels associated with Ukraine, Moldova and also the EU by encouraging engagement in real-life cooperation experiences (for professionals/artists) and surprising artistic encounters (for a wider European public across Moldova, Ukraine and the EU)

Specific Project Objectives:

  • To engage 25 cultural organizations based in the EU and 25 cultural organizations based in Moldova and Ukraine in a shared development and collaboration process organized in the framework of 25 ground-breaking Euro-East cooperation “tandems” which jointly realize an inspiring, pattern-breaking and widely perceived multi-disciplinary Euro- Moldovan/Ukrainian Week of Arts & Culture in 2012 and afterwards form a new trans-national network of sustainable cooperation channels

Target Group

  • 60 leading cultural managers from 30 EU-based cultural organizations and 60 leading cultural managers from 30 cultural key organizations from across Moldova and Ukraine participating in 2 preparatory study trips before selection of 25 working “tandems” (recruited based on the wide-spread European and local networks of the partner organizations)

  • 25 cultural managers (and their organizations) from the EU (selection based on a concrete cooperation proposal developed with a Moldova or Ukrainian counterpart)

  • 25 cultural managers (and their organizations) from Moldova and Ukraine

  • 100 artists from the EU, Ukraine and Moldova directly involved in artistic projects produced by the new working “tandems” for programming a European Week of Arts & Culture in Moldova and Ukraine.

 Expected Results:

  • Increased mobility and readiness of cultural operators from the EU, Moldova and Ukraine to engage in trans-national cooperation projects with each other

  • Increased visibility for and awareness of importance and practice of creating new innovative trans-national cultural cooperation channels between the EU Moldova and Ukraine.

  • Innovation of international artistic cooperation frameworks between the EU, Moldova and Ukraine exemplified by the trans-national circulation of at least 25 artistic works and products coproduced and presented by the project participants

  • Increased level of knowledge and skill in the field of managing international cooperation projects, developing new curatorial approaches and sharing artistic conceptualization across border (for both EU-based and Moldova/Ukraine-based project participants)

  • Increased level of theoretical and practical knowledge on intercultural understanding and trans-national collaboration facilitated by training workshops, study/working visits and exchange for a representative number of key multipliers from EU, Moldova and Ukraine.

  • 25 highly viable, practice-proven cultural collaboration channels between the EU, Moldova and Ukraine form the core of a new and sustainable trans-national Euro-East cooperation network promoting innovative artistic practice and cultural (policy) reform

  • A European Week of Arts & Culture with prominent EU (and local) participation in Moldova and Ukraine contributes to breaking down prevailing cultural stereotypes (among a larger local audience)

  • ca.100 Artists will meet, exchange and discuss their ideas on arts and culture with colleagues from all over the EU, Moldova and Ukraine, which will promote new shared patterns of European citizenship

  • The European Week also encourages innovative and cross-sectorial cooperation of cultural operators (from Moldova, Ukraine but also from abroad), local politicians/policymakers and public administrations, local and EU media, other public and private stakeholders and representatives from the EU countries (and institutions)

  • The Euro-Ukrainian/Moldova project consortium realizing the proposed action gains valuable insights to the practical realities of organizing such large-scale trans-national exchange processes and becomes a knowledge pool for innovative mobility of arts and culture practice between the EU, Moldova and Ukraine.

  • The overall operational framework proposed for the action becomes a reference project for similar actions of other public and private stakeholders the European field.

Project schedule :

  • Meeting of potential project participants during a study trip (April 2011;)

  • Joint application of potential tandems for participation in the project by mid-May (Moldova)

  • Fourteen-day working visit of Moldovan participants to the EU; at the beginning and the end of their stay, all participants will attend joint meetings and workshops in Brussels (September 2011).

  • Ten-day working visit of participants from EU member countries to Moldova, with joint workshops marking the beginning and end of the stay to be held in Chisinau (February 2012).

  • Planning and preparation of the tandems’ festival entries (June 2011 – April 2012)

  • Festival organized in Moldova (May 2012)