Soros Foundation Moldova (FSM)

Good Governance

Good Governance

The mission of the department is to enhance transparency, accountability, efficiency and effectiveness of government in accordance with the European agenda.

Program Overview

Program Mission

The overall goal of the Program is to increase transparency, accountability, effectiveness and efficiency of the government in alignment with the European standards at central and local level.


Goal: A more transparent decision-making process and its enforcement to support greater government’s accountability to the public for the decisions taken.

  • Enhanced capacity of the civil society to monitor the actions of the Government in key areas: public finances, CPA reform and EU integration agenda.
  • Increased public knowledge and understanding of EU and the European integration process by supporting the information webpage
  • Increased transparency and accountability of governance by supporting civil society initiatives, within a Transparency Fund


Goal: Well informed and documented decisions related to public policies through independent policy research and advocacy

  • Independent policy analysis provided to government stakeholders to support Moldova’s European agenda.
  • Increased government’s knowledge and understanding of public opinion through periodically testing public opinion on a broad range of social issues.
  • Enriched course quality of the European Studies at universities to ensure a knowledge-based European integration process.

Implementation Strategy

In-house projects will constitute the main way of functioning of the program and are included in the Programs’ activities planned for 2012. In order to meet particular needs and challenges in the field of good governance, the program will also initiate projects on an ad-hoc basis. The in-house projects will be prepared and implemented in co-operation with partner organizations or individuals (experts).

Grant making programs will be organized mainly on an open competitions basis, but also based on projects that come to accomplish the Program’s goals. The main criteria for granting will be: a demonstrated impact of planned activities, professionally qualified staff, project sustainability, reasonable budget, etc.