Soros Foundation Moldova (FSM)

Good Governance

Good Governance

The mission of the department is to enhance transparency, accountability, efficiency and effectiveness of government in accordance with the European agenda.


The PAGG Program Mission is to foster the establishment of an efficient, autonomous and transparent system of PA in alignment with the European standards. Thus, in 2010 the PAGG Program will have a two-fold strategic approach:

  • to foster civic participation and thus, the capacity of the civil society in monitoring the implementation of policies and reforms and promoting good governance practices in all activity areas.
  • to support the local and central government in formulating efficient reform-oriented policies accompanied by concrete implementation mechanisms, in order to ensure the respect of such fundamental principles as transparency, accountability, professionalism and subsidiarity.

Program objectives

  • To strengthen civil society capacity in monitoring government activities, thus keeping the latter accountable for its actions
  • To encourage local and central government’s openness towards citizens and civil society
  • To foster civil society participation in the public policy development process
  • To promote free access to information regarding public administration’s activity
  • To contribute to the establishment of an efficient, autonomous and transparent system of PA in alignment with the European standards
  • To improve public finance management and increase transparency in this area
  • To foster government’s capacity to respond to Moldova’s current challenges by formulating coherent and realistic reform-oriented policies

Implementation Strategy

In-house projects will constitute the main way of functioning of the program and are included in the Programs’ activities planned for 2010. In order to meet particular needs and challenges in the field of good governance, the program will also initiate projects on an ad-hoc basis. The in-house projects will be prepared and implemented in co-operation with partner organizations (relevant non-governmental organizations or governmental institutions) or individuals (experts).

Grant making programs will be organized mainly on an open competitions basis, but also based on projects that come to accomplish the Program’s goals. The main criteria for granting will be: a demonstrated impact of planned activities, professionally qualified staff, project sustainability, reasonable budget, etc.