Soros Foundation Moldova (FSM)

Good Governance

The goal of the Good Governance department is to enhance transparency, accountability, and efficiency of public authorities.

Our priorities:

Justice and Human Rights

The Justice and Human Rights Department’s vision of rule of law is built on the solid grounds of a fair, accessible and predictable justice delivery system, which effectively safeguards fundamental human rights.

The Department develops and implements activities in several areas, crucial for the fulfilment of its vision, including Human Rights, Judiciary, Access to Justice, and Criminal Justice.



Public Health

The department's mission is to promote good governance in the health sector, to contribute to increasing the equitable access of the population to responsive health and social services, and to promote responsible actions for the protection of environment.

Media Program

Media Department's mission is to contribute to the development of an open, participatory, pluralistic and value-based society in the Republic of Moldova by organizing, supporting and financing activities aimed at encouraging the development of an independent media sector and improving access to information.



Other initiatives

Education Support Project

About Soros Foundation-Moldova

The Soros Foundation-Moldova is a non-governmental, not-for-profit and non-political organization, which was established in 1992 by the financier and the philanthropist George Soros to promote the development of an open society in Moldova by developing and implementing a range of programs and activities that address specific areas of needs including media, justice and human rights, good governance, and public health.

The Soros Foundation-Moldova works in its priority areas through grant and operational programs. The thematic departments are launched at the decision of the Soros Foundation Board and represent the recognition of a field where the Foundation can contribute through technical assistance, consulting, training, or financing for specific projects. Departments are run over several years or a period necessary for improvement of the problematic situation. Each department proposes for one year a range of concrete activities, asking the National Board for a budget.

The decision-making process has several levels: projects coming within a department are reviewed in certain cases by experts; projects recommended by them are presented for review and financing to the department boards. In 2020, there are four specialized thematic boards: Media, Justice and Human Rights, Public Health, and Good Governance. Projects with a budget that doesn't exceed $50,000 are reviewed by the department boards. Projects with a budget that exceeds $50,000 are reviewed at first by the specialized boards and then by the Soros Foundation National Board, which is also responsible for defining the Foundation's strategy and priorities.

The Soros Foundation-Moldova does not offer charity help and support for technical or scientific projects. Grants are given only for specific projects and not for the general support of the organization.